2021 Onwards

2021 Onwards

January 2021

Work commences on technology & design of the pool. We start compiling the online public consultation website as covid-19 continues to hamper progress and social interaction.


February 2021

Ground Investigations and Soil investigations undertaken to provide designers, engineers and architects answers on below ground conditions.


March 2021

Flood Risk Assessment analysis to be completed as part of the full planning submission.
Engagement with some ‘super supporters’ such as Microsoft & Gridserve to provide much need advice, support and funding options.


July to October 2021

Public Consultation (online & virtual) to be held.


October / November 2021

Full Planning application made.
Consultation Leaflets produced and delivered to all resents within ½ mile of BEJSC site.


Future Timeline Dates

January 2022

We’re gonna need some money to make this dream a reality!! Ways to help include donations (here), Lottery tickets (here).

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