BEJSC Swimming Pool Project
‘Project Thunderbirds’

An ambitious, multi-million pound, purpose built swimming pool located at Bourne End Junior Sports Club in the heart of Bourne End.

The state of the art facility will be unique to the area, providing a hub for swimming provision to those in Bourne End and local villages, with the aim to ensure all those within a 5-mile radius are able to swim and swim well. Using the latest technology and a carbon neutral design, the facility will not only be sustainable and eco-friendly, but inclusive; offering accessibility to those with additional needs as well as the wider community.

About the Project

Our Objectives & Vision

To build a state-of-the-art swimming training facility, based in the local community, keeping user’s needs, carbon neutrality and aesthetics at the heart of the project...

The Location

Perhaps the most difficult stage of this project was identifying both a suitable and available location for this facility...

Eco-Friendly Inspiration

With our focus on ensuring this project’s carbon neutrality, significant research into previous projects using the same model has been undertaken...

Timeline – Approach & Journey

2018 timeline location image
January 2018

Initial Discussions took place between NBS & BEJSC with a shared vision to provide a community pool in the vicinity of Bourne End.

April 2018

First committee meeting held to set out the agenda and the visions and our first priority was finding a location!

August 2018

Three early contenders for a suitable site were Little Marlow, Wooburn Park & Holtspur, with Wooburn Park being favoured.

October 2018

Discussions held with WBEPC on use of Wooburn Park with presentations set for early 2019 following time to announce plans.

Meetings & Discussions
February 2019

Full council presentation to WBEPC & local residents on the ambition, design, proposals & restrictions.

April 2019

Council rejects the proposal in Wooburn Park, based on existing constraints and resistance from neighbours.

May 2019

Back to square 1 trying to provide a community pool to Wooburn & Bourne End!

June 2019

WBEPC provide grant funding of £5000 to assist with some pre planning cost.

July 2019

Team attend a Microsoft seminar on AI in buildings to support those with additional needs. It simply spurs us on to find a new home.

September 2019

Discussions with Bourne End Academy prove fruitful as they share the vision for excellent facilities in the community and give outline agreement to seek planning approval on underutilised tennis courts adjacent to the BEJSC hall. What could be better!

October 2019

Online questionnaire about use of location and the proposed benefits released, with 93% support for the scheme and its new proposed location.

November 2019

Letters of support from community groups being received.

Eco Friendly
January 2020

Pre application planning review paid for and submitted.

March 2020

The dreaded Coronavirus is upon us and lockdown stops everything.

May 2020

Early engagement into the ecological and technological ambitions for the project to build a truly net zero facility that is state of the art, appealing and functional.

June 2020

Further discussions with school, following pre application planning advice from Buckinghamshire Council Planning officer, highlights the installation of a MUGA facility in the old chicken field as a preference to simply building further. A new community facility provided by BEA is on the cards.

August 2020

Ecological Survey of the site undertaken. Work provided to the club FOC by Jon Norton Associates.

December 2020

Traffic Surveys undertaken as part of the full planning application requirements, to establish traffic flows and predictions.

2021 Onwards
2021 Onwards
January 2021

Work commences on technology & design of the pool. We start compiling the online public consultation website as covid-19 continues to hamper progress and social interaction.


February 2021

Ground Investigations and Soil investigations undertaken to provide designers, engineers and architects answers on below ground conditions.


March 2021

Flood Risk Assessment analysis to be completed as part of the full planning submission.
Engagement with some ‘super supporters’ such as Microsoft & Gridserve to provide much need advice, support and funding options.


July to October 2021

Public Consultation (online & virtual) to be held.


October / November 2021

Full Planning application made.
Consultation Leaflets produced and delivered to all resents within ½ mile of BEJSC site.


Future Timeline Dates

January 2022

We’re gonna need some money to make this dream a reality!! Ways to help include donations (here), Lottery tickets (here).