The Pool

Our Objectives & Vision/Ambition


To build a state-of-the-art swimming training facility, based in the local community, keeping user’s needs, the aim of carbon neutrality and aesthetics at the heart of the project. The purpose-built facility will focus purely on swimming and increasing the numbers of children swimming in the local area by providing access, whilst upholding contrasting motivations to traditional leisure centres.


Project Thunderbirds is an ambitious, 3-year project, with the aim to produce a state-of-the-art, inclusive swimming pool complex in the heart of the local community. The facility will be a Bourne End Junior Sports Club (BEJSC) building, in collaboration with Neil Bailey Swimming, and will offer a space for use by the Bourne End Swimming Club, Neil Bailey Swimming and other BEJSC factions. The key focus of the project will be ‘accessibility’, offering a swimming pool fit for user’s needs, with design sensitivity for those with disabilities. This complex will be a facility built for specific swimming use, aiming towards both carbon neutral and being aesthetically sympathetic to the local landscape.


For Bourne End Junior Sports Club (BEJSC): To ensure appropriate, secure and flexible pool provision for the Swimming Club and support BEJSC’s aim, which is to provide the opportunity for children and young people to participate in sport and recreation, and to develop social and leadership skills within the community. To provide a permanent base for the Swimming Club, without the threat of a reduced or anti-social timetable.

For Neil Bailey Swimming (NBS): To ensure secure pool provision, which will achieve their aim of assisting all members of the community to learn to swim well, regardless of ethnicity, social class, origin and physical ability. NBS aims to promote the messages of ‘Swim for Life’ and ‘Swimming for All’. The pool itself will allow NBS to expand its reach and pilot new approaches, as well as offer additional community engagement opportunities.

For The Community: To provide a facility that serves as a focal point for swimming and sport in Bourne End and local areas, offering employment opportunities, recreational activity and key infrastructure for the growing population.

The Location

Perhaps the most difficult stage of this project was identifying both a suitable and available location for this facility. As a Bourne End Junior Sports Club asset, we wanted to be sure the facility was based within a 5 mile radius of the existing BEJSC Sports Hall.

Following a long and fruitless search, BEJSC approached Bourne End Academy to discuss the option of repurposing the existing tennis court space adjacent to the Sports Hall. It transpired that the courts were no longer used for their original purpose and had become surplus to requirements. With Bourne End Academy’s support, the BEJSC Swimming Pool will be in the space currently occupied by the tennis courts in the image on the right.

Eco-Friendly Inspiration and State of The Art Technology

With our focus on aiming for carbon neutrality, significant research into previous projects using the same model has been undertaken. The project board has actively sought out eco-friendly building partners and experts to advise on the design and build side of the project. Below are some examples of builds we have found to be a great source of inspiration.

Tring Park School

Tring Park School is in the midst of a £12 million development designed by Burrell Foley Fischer Architects and Urban Designers, which aims to further enhance the school experience and give a larger number of them access to its training and education.

The completion of the dance studios back in 2017 saw the emergence of a stunning, state-of-the-art, timber-clad building that incorporated a living roof to fit seamlessly into the landscape. The natural feel of the building inspired the exterior look and feel of our project.

Myrtha Pools

Myrtha Pools are a pioneering swimming pool construction company, focused on using technology and engineering to produce products that lead the world in swimming pool innovation and create breathtaking aquatics venues for competition, fitness and fun. Myrtha has transformed the aquatics industry worldwide, with innovative pool design, breakthrough technology and game-changing efficiency. They build 1500 swimming pools each year and their approach to technological inclusion has inspired our pool design.

Passivhaus Swimming Pool

The £35 million Passivhaus swimming pool and leisure centre complex in Exeter is a fantastic energy saving, chemical-free project that will save £200,000 a year in energy costs compared to a standard leisure centre. The health benefits and low running costs in addition to the use of solar energy to heat the pool hall all fit in with our goal of producing a sustainable facility.

Pool Usage

Whilst we are still in the initial stages of planning an inclusive timetable of usage, we are keen to ensure that this facility is accessible to everybody in the community.

At present, Neil Bailey Swimming and Bourne End Junior Sports Club will act as the main day-to-day users. We are working with local franchises, such as a baby swim provider, in addition, we will be offering structured use to other groups in the community, including local schools.

Neil Bailey Swimming