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Public Consultation

As part of our planning process, it is a requirement that we hold a public consultation in order to ensure all information regarding the project and the build process is understood by the public. As with any large project, feedback from the wider community is essential to its success. These consultations are usually held in a public space, with face to face presentations. However, in light of the pandemic and the current restrictions, we are running an initial consultation online through the format below to give everyone the opportunity to have their say. Once the restrictions have lifted, we plan to schedule an in-person event to give a more interactive presentation.

See our leaflet sent out to local residents to the right (click to open pdf).

Consultation Questions

BEJSC Swimming Pool Survey
The questions below are designed to help us understand the usage of the pool. Responses will be accepted up to point of submission for planning (Est end of October 2021)
What is your first reaction to the proposal to build a swimming pool in Bourne End?*
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The new pool will provide club member access, independent child lessons, adult swimming times and 3rd party hires. Please indicate if you think you may use any of these services as a club member ?*
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As the population of Bourne End grows, how much do you think young people and the wider community would benefit from this facility?*
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What age range are you in - Be honest :-).
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Part 2/2: Getting to the Pool
A couple of questions about how you will get to the pool
The new pool is situated at the top of New Road, Bourne End. Approximately how far away do you live from the proposed pool?*
The new pool is situated at the top of New Road, Bourne End. Approximately how far away do you live from the proposed pool?
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How often do you see yourself using the pool (assuming there are appropriate classes available)?*
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Based on the above answer, how do you see yourself travelling to the pool?*
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Part 3/3: Additional Feedback
An opportunity to provide your support or concerns relating to the pool
Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns around the pool or the construction approach?
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If Yes to above, please let us know by writing below
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If you would like us to contact you about your support or concern please leave contact details below
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In short do you support the construction of a pool in Bourne End for the benefit of BEJSC members and the local community?
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Not got time for a quick survey to help us shape what’s needed? Simply submit your comments below

    Do you support this project?

    Acceptance of terms:

    Comments Received & Questionnaire Results

    We are committed to providing an open and transparent consultation throughout this project. Below are communications received both in support of the scheme and those who wish to share their concerns with us. We will respond privately to anyone who contacts us and hopefully answer any questions that arise. Also shown below are the results of the above questionnaire which will be updated regularly as feedback is received.


    Who are BEJSC?

    Founded in 1970 Bourne End Junior Sports Club is a registered charity run by volunteers to provide sport and recreation for children and young people. BEJSC is entirely self-funded and is recognised as a successful, prestigious and unique centre. More information can be found here.

    Who are Neil Bailey Swimming?

    Neil Bailey Swimming are a unique, club quality learn-to-swim provider, offering lessons to children and adults. They use developed and refined methods to break down water skills, fears and limitations, to ensure they are progressing on a sound and practical water-based learning journey. More information can be found here.

    What happens next?

    A full breakdown of the project’s progress and our next steps can be found on our homepage. A detailed explanation of the planning process and what is involved can be found here.

    When is the next meeting?

    We hold monthly progress meetings with members of the project board. Whilst these are not yet open to the public, we will be happy to raise any questions that you would like to address to the full board. Please either submit your comment on the form to the left or email us at

    Can I make suggestions?

    Yes! That is what the public consultation process is for. Please complete the questionnaire and send any comments or suggestions you may have using the form on the left.

    How can I get in touch?

    By using the contact form on the left or by emailing us at

    Would local primary schools be able to book independently for swimming lessons?

    Absolutely! We would be delighted to host local primary schools, who have keystage 1 & 2 kids who would benefit from learning to swim at such a vital age